Jan 26, 2011

Hopping in the Way-Back Machine

So two days in a row I'm already changing the days theme. Wednesday is now "wild card" day instead of "wacky" day. "Wild Card" is basically the concept I thought of when I in an attempt at clever alliteration chose "wacky" but that was dumb and now it's better.

Of course that doesn't mean I know what kind of random thing to post today so my theme plan has already backfired on me.


Ok, this is what I came up with. Here's a picture of a blog entry of mine from the days of yore and everyone can me the me from my younger days. I will then discuss it in more detail than anyone would ever want. Ever.
Paragraph 1) This was back in the days when I still used AIM but only had like 4 people who I would talk to on it and they were rarely all online at the same time. What's funny is how in high school I could juggle 5-6 IM conversations with no problem and then 4 years later the 3 or 4 people that IMed me caused panic and struggle.

Paragraph 2) I was apparently watching TV (not surprising) while writing that entry and this commercial for Raisin Bran came on which I seem to have found hilarious:

Paragraph 3) I was either racking my brain for something to say or I was also watching Late Night reruns on a website that used to have them at the same time that I was watching TV and apparently downloading an Avril Lavigne CD. I never remembered to look for that documentary Keifer Sutherland made.

Paragraph 4) So this was about my goal (which I have no recollection of) to download tons of music with my Penn State sponsored (they paid for students to have accounts) Napster account so I could fill up the mp3 player I used to have. The confusion at the end was due to my graduation coming up and I think for some reason the account wouldn't work over the summer or something. And then I was expressing excitement for being almost done with school. So much excitement that it caused me to [not really] fall on the floor.

To sum up, aside from having lost that mp3 player so I no longer own one, not much has really changed in my life in 8 years. I still LOVE Conan O'Brien, still like Avril, still find silly commercials hilarious, am still glad to be out of school, and would still be overwhelmed and thrilled to get 4 IMs all at the same time. Tho not using or knowing anyone else who uses AIM makes that unlikely to happen.

I hope you all enjoyed reliving this day in my history. Come back tomorrow for some awesome things I've enjoyed thru Twitter and Tumblr recently.
Ciao ciao!


  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who has super random thoughts like that. And I love that Raisin Bran commercial! :)

  2. When we first start writing, it's always random.

    I'm glad to see that MTSU here in Tennessee isn't the only school that wastes money by the millions. I mean really, paying for students Napster accounts? What's the logic behind that?


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