Mar 4, 2012

Pizza! Pizza!

Another week, another... well I don't know. Just another week. I've been making a bunch of necklaces for my etsy shop and because I registered with one of my friends for a craft fair! We are just hoping to come out even for the registration price, time will tell. Check back in May for the report. And I haven't listed any of my necklaces yet in my shop so if you are interested check back for them!

Lessee, I actually had an interview for a potential new job last Thursday and am hoping/waiting to hear. So everyone cross your fingers for me!

In other news, the Avanti Catering company "worked" its first job. And I say "worked" because it was for my friend's party and I did it for free pro bono. It did go very well and I got several unsolicited compliments which I enjoyed so thanks go to Nicki for letting me make all the food and to Sam for happening to be there and helping me! Anyway, so we needed kid friendly food so one of the items we decided to make was:
My mom used to make these for me all the time when I was a kid but I didn't really have any recollection of what they tasted like. Compared to real pizza I thought they were gonna suck, but I actually enjoyed the one I had a lot! So, especially if you have kids, try this recipe!

Just make sure to use "pizza" and not "marinara" sauce.

So that's all. Make sure to think good thoughts for me to get that job cause it would be a-MAZING! and have a great week!

Very similar to the invisible "lpad"


  1. Good luck with the job! And it's great that you got some unsolicited compliments for your catering company :)

  2. Pro bono jobs are good!! So what's this other job? Still at accu or somehwere else.

  3. ebun: It's part time, doing video/media type stuff with students at the psu library. It would be awesome if i get it!

    kat: I know! I was just glad every one liked the food since it was my friends party.


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