Feb 26, 2012


I really just haven't been feeling like posting but I'm going to anyway, so that you can all get your fix. But I'm going to make it quick!

So I remembered a couple weeks ago to tell you all to go to my etsy shop:
BUT! I forgot to give you the discount code: BYATR10 which get's you 10% off for being a byatr reader! You can also give the code to you're friends so that they can buy you things from my store.

Anyway. I didn't post a recipe this week but I did post one last week when I neglected to post on Sunday so here's that one:
General Tso's Chicken
Not exactly like the restaurant version but I like it just as much because it's fresh and presumably healthier. If you want to try your hand at deep frying I highly recommend this!

Also I had a guest blogger last week on Scrumptious Saturdays so check out that recipe as well:
Sreesha's Summer Salad
Sounds and looks delicious!

So that's about it and I'm really posting this an hour past Sunday but dating it for Sunday so shhhhh! Okay goodbye!
I feel like this will happen to me every time I go outside.

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