Jan 26, 2012

Futon from Hell

It was just like any other night, for any, group of friends, in any typical college dorm room. On this night we chose to spend the evening in Chad's dorm which was all the way across campus from where my girlfriends and I lived. And some of us were "socializing" more than others.

When the end of the night came, we were all tired, some extremely drunk somewhat intoxicated, and it was cold out. The girls and I contemplated how we could avoid walking all the way back to our dorm. Chad had a futon under his bed that some could sleep on and one of our other guy friends  who lived near by had an extra bed that the rest could smooth into. Oh I forgot to mention that there was another guy with us who lived in the same building as I did and also didn't want to walk back to his room. 

So somehow it was determined that I would share the futon with the dude, Matt and the girls would share the bed in Jamie's room. Even though I was not psyched to be sharing the futon with Matt, at least it was "full sized" as opposed to the twin bed Sarah and Hannah would be sharing. 
Half the group cleared out so we could all get to bed. The rest of us settled in to go to sleep.
I was trying to sleep when suddenly, Matt was rubbing my back and my arm and I was at a loss for how to handle it. I just knew it had to stop.
 "Oh, okay." Like what had just happened was completely normal and no big deal!
So I was completely freaked out and wide awake so I put the TV on to watch Conan to try to distract me enough to be able to fall asleep. Somehow I had assumed that I was in the clear since I, you know, had already said no to hooking up, until he was touching my arm again!
I was dumbfounded that it really happened twice in 20 minutes. What was he thinking? That I was as wasted as he was? Or maybe he had fallen asleep, woken back up and didn't remember he had already been shot down. And it's not like I had EVER expressed any sort of interest or attraction towards him, as he was a good 4 inches shorter than me, and incredibly hobbitlike. Or he thought I would just hook up with him for the sake of it since Sarah had done it twice already. 

Anyway, This time I was more firm and fortunately he did not try again. But still now I was even more freaked out and wide awake, not to mention physically uncomfortable because I couldn't move around at all in bed because I feared that if I turned to my other side he would take it as a sign that I now wanted "some."

I didn't. I just wanted to fall asleep and get the hell home in the morning. And finish watching Conan.


  1. Ugh. A similar thing happened to me once. There was a party at my friend's boyfriends's mum's house - his mum had offered me the spare room so I didn't have to drive home.

    However, one of his mates decided to 'share' the bed with me during the night. Similarly awkward and horrifying! I feel your pain :-(

  2. I just want to watch Conan!! I can totally imagine you saying this! Annnnd the pictures were awesome!


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