Jan 30, 2012

Frodo Was a Paranoid Gnome

So even though I have some screen shots for you, I like to cover other media forms from time to time and also had some movie trailers that I wanted to share and/or hate on so here ya go!

And before everyone anyone decides to "correct" me on Frodo's being a hobbit... please don't. If you don't get it, that is just your loss. And there's a photo at the end of the post to help you.

Ghost Rider; Not sure why they made a second one of these... maybe the first one was better than everything I heard about it from everyone.

Albert Nobbs; So what exactly is the appeal in being in a movie that showcases how mannish you are?

I meant to post this weeks, maybe even months now, ago.

I meant to post this months ago.

So, Hollywood, maybe you should space out the two new Snow White movies by more than a couple months...Just sayin...

Mirror Mirror (March 16)

Snow White and the Huntsmen (June 1)

Yes. News Radio.


  1. Pretty sure Ghost Rider was one of the worst films of EVER. I have no idea why they would have made a sequel. The best thing about the first one was that it was filmed in Melbourne, so you (okay, people from Melbourne) can periodically laugh about Melbourne being passed off as Texas, and gag over him jumping into the Yarra River.

    Also, Mirror Mirror gains a million points in my book for not looking like total crap, AND for not starring Kristen Stewart. Seriously...

  2. It's too bad they can't switch the two Snow Whites cause I hate Julia Roberts too.

  3. SO excited for the HOBBIT. And both snow whites. I love fairy tale remakes. I too hate Kristen Stewart.

  4. Oh yes, I recognized the NewsRadio reference right away. Who can forget the song?


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