Dec 11, 2011

I Want to Make Gingerbread Houses

The past three days have left me emotionally and physically drained. Physical labor is sometimes the worst.

So, working more hours than I slept over the past three days has not left time for much else.

I plan to post a recipe sometime during the week since it's Sunday and I didn't post one yet. So, ya know, subscribe to Scrumptious Saturdays if you want to get it right away. Or wait till next week. Or both. 

So since all I did was work and sleep, (and play the new Zelda, it's awesome), I don't have much to say so have a good week and goodbye!


  1. Oh my God. Gingerbread House is the best idea EVER.

  2. I love gingerbread! And Dilbert.

    Also, this - "working more hours than I slept over the past three days has not left time for much else" - has horrified me, in more ways than one... firstly, I feel bad for you. That sounds really tiring. Secondly - I work about 10-11hrs a day, 5 days a week. I sleep about 7 hours a night...

  3. So I'm going through your posts from the beginning of time, and commenting on my favorites.

    Not until I got halfway through February 2011 did I realize that your Christmas-y background looks like one of those color-blind tests where you can barely see the word enclosed in the colors.

    I just realized I can only read like 10 posts at a time, or it starts to hurt my eyes.

    Great stuff by the way. The posts, that is.

  4. @Kirsti: I KNOW!
    @Kat: So then you know...For me it was being at work till 1 am one night, back at 9am thru midnight and then working the next day 5pm-1am. It was unfortunate that outside noises did not allow me to sleep in the last day.
    @Eli: Try making your browser window smaller so that only the darker parts show? Or maybe its cause you use IE. You should use Firefox.


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