Dec 4, 2011


GOOOOOOOOD Evening! How the heck are all of you doing? Seriously. I want to know. Also if you comment it will increase the chances of me checking out your blog if I don't already read it #incentive.

So those of you who have visited my blog recently may have noticed my new page tabs. I must say that I think they are awesome and love them. You all are probably indifferent towards them unless you ever use a tablet or phone to visit my blog. For you, they are easier to click than the text links. Yay!

So yeah, I still have the Thanksgiving day layout going. Mostly because I haven't done an Xmas one yet and didn't want to switch back to the regular one in between. Also because I actually wrote and illustrated my Thanksgiving story post and it is maybe more festive to read with the corresponding layout. Or something.

Moving along. This week's recipe was for Gingerbread Rice Krispy Treats.
I got the idea for these when I bought Kraft's gingerbread marshmallows and then didn't have anything to use them for. I guess I could have put them in hot chocolate but oh well. And they were better than I expected so this year I used my own recipe.

That will about do it for this week. Tune in next week for more of the same. Have a good week!



  1. Hey Lauren,

    I was hoping you would nominate me for one of the 'Bootleg' awards on I'm not going to suggest one, because I'm not THAT conceited, but I would at least have a shot at one of them.

    I would appreciate it if you would.

    I'm definitely nominating you for a couple.

  2. that comic was so true. i love it also when people make snarky comments on all your posts like they are stalking you just to make you fun of you.


  3. @Eli: If I get around to doing nominations I will definitely think of you!
    @Ebun: What I hate even more is when they use "lol" cause that's not really waht it means. Nicki's BF does the snarky comment thing to me on FB but doesn't even wink cause he's kind of a jerk :P


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