Jul 6, 2011

Searching, Searching, SEARCHING FOR ME!

It's time for.... an elusive appearance of Wildcard Wednesday!!! Yayyyyy! I was checking out my blogger stats last night and as usual, the first thing I look for is where my hits are coming from. A lot of them come from google (which is pretty awesome but rarely results in return readers but such is life) so I scroll down to "search keywords" to see how people are finding me and I enjoyed that someone searched "when donating plasma what fluids do they put back into you" the answer was ACTUALLY in the silly story about me donating plasma! Of course I don't know if they actually read or searched enough to locate the answer.

Another search query was for "what would lorelai gilmore do blog" which my blog is not. I just blogged about Lorelai Gilmore once (or more probably). But now I feel like there needs to BE a "what would lorelai gilmore do" blog, if there isn't one, and I should make it. Or use the idea in some posts from time to time. Maybe if I ever follow through with starting a video blog, not that I've mentioned it here before, but now I have and it's just a thought I have but I'm not sure how I would execute it so who knows. But anyway.... one of my friends who doesn't really watch Gilmore Girls, said she watched it one day last week and that I remind her exactly of Lorelai (my favorite compliment ever). And she was the second person to tell me that. So I feel that I'm the right person for a "WWLGD" blog. We'll see.

Well that's all I have to say. I checked my google analytics for more keyword searches to see if there are any random awesome ones but not really. People pretty much find something related to what they searched for on my site. "christina ricci reference community" had the longest view. That person must have actually read the whole post. They should have it was a damn good post which I put way too much time into for what it was. :P

Ciao bitches! (OMG. I think I just came up with my video blog's catch phrase. No one steal it IT'S MINE!)


  1. By the way I found your blog by searching "blog that will give you food poisoning"... Curse you!! Haha
    Nice post!

  2. @Steve: How do you get food poisoning from a blog? And that's awesome. I'm flattered that you kept reading!
    @Paige: I <3 you too :)


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