Jul 4, 2011


Okay, so I don't know if books are considered "media" and fit into "Media Monday" (I still have to redesign the Monday emblem because it implies "I-love-watching-clouds-on-TV Monday"...) but with out a better idea and because of a DailyGrace video, I decided to do a post about books I'm reading. Those who know me are like "Whaaaa? You dont read books!" And this is mostly true. But SOMETIMES I like freak out and actually read one or part of one of my book instead of just buying them and putting them on my shelf for people to come over and see. And when they do I can say, "Look at all my books! I haven't read any of them but they're all mine!" And like Grace said: "Thinking about reading is so much easier than [actually] reading."

So far all this post is about is my lack of ability to read. Let's move on. Ready? OK!
These are the books I currently own that are in my apartment in PA. I have more in the rent's house in NJ.
Yes I did just ambush you nice readers with a cheerleading chant. I would apologize but instead I'm gonna just tell you all to "suck it." Okay so as you can see, I have a fairly nice selection of books to choose from. What happened was... Last year when I started tanning outside hours a day because my overnight shift caused me to be home by 10 am, I found that I grew bored to easily just listening to music and needed something more captivating in order to actually be outside. Stupid laptop screens that are unviewable outside. 

So I picked up my long since abandoned copy of Return of the King and actually finished it! (I seriously only had like 100 pages). Inspired by my mediocre tremendous feat, I decided I must find other books to conquer. I realized that mere minutes away, there are three book stores for the university that carry used books and there must be some books for literature classes that I might want to read (hence the tattered copies of half books in the picture. Some of them are books I ordered from Amazon cause I just wanted them. 

Three actually got read. By the end of the summer I had started reading On the Road, (you should know who that's by so I'm not telling.) And then it sat and sat and sat until the sun and warm finally returned. You can see by the bookmark that I'm about 2/3 thru it. I also bought and started reading Something Borrowed cause I liked the movie and I have a tendency to like reading the books a movie was made from after seeing the movie. I almost never do it in the other order. The ones I read are Sleepwalk With Me, Mike Birbiglia (hilarious stand-up comedian); Teacher Man, Frank McCourt (better known for Angela's Ashes); and Always Looking Up, Michael J Fox (not pictured). I really like memoir/autobiographies. I have issues with fiction. Why spend all that time seeing how a story unfolds when I can watch fiction on TV? Which is why I bought classics like Moby Dick and Jane Eyre (not about a cyborg).

So I'm hoping that I can put a bigger dent in the pile this summer, wish me luck. Also, a bunch of other celebs I like (Paul Reiser, Kathy Griffen, Sarah Silverman, Demetri Martin... there are more) thought it would be fun to all put out books at the same time so once I can get them used, or the price goes town on Amazon, the shelves are gonna fill up some more. As you can see I already got Tina Fey's and Michael J Fox's newest one.

Yes, I do judge books by their covers.

[Since you probably can't see half the book titles in the picture]
Teacher Man [check]
Sleepwalk With Me [check]
On the Road [in progress]
Wonder Boys
Jane Eyre
Huckleberry [read in like 6th grade but felt like reading it again]
Great Expectations

Something Happened on the Way to the Future
Something Borrowed [in progress]
Moby Dick
Wuthering Heights
The Hobbit
Pride and Prejudice


  1. I loooooooooooooooooooooooove Jane Eyre!! It's pretty much my favourite book ever. I never made it through Moby Dick though...

    And I loved Bossy Pants - I think I read pretty much all of it on a flight from Melbourne to Canberra!

  2. I loved the movie something borrowed. tell me if the book is good. i rarely ever buy books new and there was this really awesome bookstore in portland, oregon which sold TONS of "new" used books. also i am in line to get Tina Fey's book from the library.

    Good luck reading!

  3. I like reading well enough, but it's much easier to outsource it to my partner. If we ever broke up I guess my back up plan could be books on tape....and a body pillow.

  4. @Kirsti: I'll probably read Bossy Pants next and then maybe Jane Eyre upon your recommendation!

    @Ebun: It's ok. More detailed than the movie of course but I like it enough. I'll let you borrow it when I'm done!

    @Erin: Haha! I should get a body pillow.


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