Apr 7, 2011

If I Wasn't Lorelai Gilmore I Would Be Gil...less

First some news. I was a guest blogger for Ashely over at After Nine to Five today. I did a DIY scrapbook page which is AWESOME. Check it and the rest of her blog out cause it's tons of fun!

Also, this week I was chosen to be the Featured Blogger on Colorful Rant's of a Fed Up Sista. I got this badge to prove it:

Awesome blog if you aren't scared off by her crass, honest, in-your-face writing style. I love it. You should too, just don't say you weren't warned.

Now onto the topic at hand.

This week (and then some) on TV!:

Larry King. He's really old.

Last week...
We had the return of Secret Life of the American Teenager. I have one word for their writing staff: pronouns. It's astounding how many sentence subjects are reiterated 4-8 times in 4-8 sentences even if it's between two different people. Painful. Example: "Adrien is going to have my baby" "I know Adrien is going to have your baby, and because Adrien is having your baby you need to do the right thing" "I know I have to do the right thing because Adrien is going to have my baby." Now that is not an actual quote but it could be. And you see what I mean. I was seriously hoping that I would be able to just not watch it and not long for a lobotomy every Monday night but alas, with nothing else on Mondays curiosity of what happens to the characters has gotten the best of me. It's going to be a long season. Two more words: acting lessons.
Someone put Ben on Castle... and named him Ashley. Hahahahaha

This week... 
AMC's new crazy-insane-fucking-around-with-shit style show, The Killing. For those of you not watching, AMC likes to push boundaries with it's original programming more than any other cable network and somehow they get away with it. Well there are probably people up in arms about their shows but since I haven't been in telecommunications classes since 2007, so I haven't heard anything about it. ANYWAY. Pretty entertaining but fairly predicable. Which doesn't bother me because when I can guess what's going to happen, I feel smart.
Anyone else remember Ryan Renyolds on Two Guys and A Girl?
Moving along. 
Conan. Doesn't stop being awesome. Not for a moment.
"This guy's huge!" (Conan himself is 6'4" and loves finding dudes who are taller than him)

Parenthood, good-not-great, I guess I want it to be funnier but it's not really supposed to be. But Lauren Graham was lovely as always. Oh! Huge pet peeve of mine: people who refer to "the prom" simply as "prom." Am I the only one who thinks people sound retarded when they say "I can't wait for prom" or "I'm going to wear high-heels on prom." ? (Oh yeah also people who say "on prom" instead of "to prom," even worse.) Just think about how much more right it sounds to say "I'm going to wear high-heels to the prom). So you all should agree, and start using "the" when referring to...the prom, and you will be a better person for it. </rant>
For anyone who doesn't know Lorelai Gilmore's real name.

Lights Out wrapped up it's debut season on FX, home to the awesomeness that is Always Sunny, The League, Rescue Me, and Archer (watch all of these). First I have to say "uh oh" But then again, who's surprised really? Best worst line: "Save that rage for the stage; the mojo for the Dojo." Weird, I thought they we're boxing, not karate fighting. I half expected Ralph Macchio to show up. Okay not really. Would have been AMAZING though. I have less issue with comparing the boxing ring to a stage since there's certainly a bit of pageantry going on. At least up until the fighting actually starts. Oh and worst dress goes to... Michelle from 24:
What costumer thought THAT was a good dress to put her in?
Mr. Sunshine. My favorite episodes are the ones Jose Garcia is in. Especially because Matthew Perry's character keeps calling him Bobert. Which, btw, is what "Bob" should actually be short for. This week, funny as ever and we got to see the girl from Party Down...not that ANY of you watched that. You may know her better as Janice Ian.
I too have keep my face on the front of my head.

Perfect Couples. I know what you're thinking, "what?" Yeah. Kinda wish I never started watching this one but it has The Waitress from Always Sunny, and it's in the NBC Thursday night line up, so I had to. I have a tendency to watch shows because someone I like is on it or not watch one that has someone I don't like. I pretty much only watch Rizzoli and Isles because Kate from NCIS is on it and every time I catch a Zeva episode of NCIS I spend the whole hour missing Kate.
That's Kate, and oh look! Jan from The Office.

Now if only my sitcoms would come back already.

To go along with this weeks theme of actors I loved on other shows, I'm gonna wrap this here post with one more:
Community's Danny Pudi on Gilmore Girls?!?? Heck yeah!


  1. I love Ryan Reynolds on Two Guys and a Girl! Berg was awesome... I'm still a little cranky about the way that series ended.

    I too miss Kate on NCIS :(

    And you've made me think that it may be time to dig out my Gilmore Girls DVDs again ;)

  2. I LOVE Allison Janney. I think I need to start watching Mr. Sunshine.

  3. I would like to say for the record that I LOVED the show Party Down! I can't believe it got canceled! EVERYBODY was in that show too! lol.

    It was funny seeing Lizzy Caplan in Mr. Sunshine.

    I always get perfect couples mixed up with that other show traffic light or something. Both are kind of funny

  4. Totally unrelated:

    I want one of those super-huge pencils in the last image. Totally want one. Any ideas where I can find one?


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