Apr 3, 2011

Fish Breathe

This week I actually have some blog-related news. One of my fellow 20sb bloggers was looking for help with her header so I decided to offer to do it for her and was thus inspired to see if I can make some ca$h doing it for other people. I added a page with all the info including a link to my "gallery" of design samples. So if you want some stuff done or know/find someone who does you now know where to go! 

Uhhh oh! Also, not that it's that important, I moved  my "Master Plan" to it's own page and can now be found by clicking the "Master Plan" button in my side bar (or in this post). It's supposed to be an aerial view of me holding a book, my master plan,  open in my lap. 

So know what I just today, moments ago, realized? Again, unimportant, but I find it amusing. The "me" that I draw in all my illustrations is actually my mirror image. I really part my hair to my right (your left). I guess when I was drawing it the first time, it just seemed right because that's how I see myself and it never occurred to me that it was wrong. I don't know why I did it the correct way in my header except that that was the only time I drew "me" from scratch and didn't reuse the old version. And I only did it that way because I was doing a partial side view. After doing the header I went back to the first version. And that's the one I'll be sticking to. 

This is what I really look like. I'm all fancy looking because I'm at a wedding. I mean I always look like that... Actually now that I'm looking at how I copped it, you can't really tell that I'm dressed up. Whatevs.  But yeah, doesn't it just look wrong? I think so. Well kinda, I'm used to seeing me in pictures. I guess I'm just more used to seeing me in the mirror.

Ok so I have been going on way too long about how dumb I am and blaming it on mirrors so lets wrap this up, eh?

Oh, one more thing, I know it's very exciting that I've branched out to FOUR different comic strips but I would like come more variety so if there's a super awesome comic strip you know of tell me and maybe it will be added to my very small list of comic sources. 


  1. OH MY GOD, YOU HAVE A NOSE!!!! ;) I've always felt a little sorry for Cartoon Lauren. Although there are a frightening number of noseless cartoon characters, so I guess they're hard to draw or something?

    Have you heard of "Garfield Minus Garfield"? Someone told me about it the other day, and I couldn't help but think of you!

  2. Aww you look way better than your mirror image :)

  3. That's what you look like?!?! ;) You are too cute, and you make me smile like a dork too often. Please stop. Or don't, actually. I like it.

  4. It's always fascinating to see what people look like after you've only seen how they draw themselves. Just yesterday actually I stumbled across your other blog and thought, "Wow, her hair is WAY more luscious than she draws it." Then I felt inadequate for five minutes.

  5. @Melbourne: Haha I seriously loled at your comment. Yes, I do have a nose. Idk I guess I never bothered to draw one.
    I've seen Garfield Minus Garfield. I never found it all that amusing. Especially since Garfield is my favorite part of Garfield.

    @Apfel: Aww thanks!

    @Stacey: ....ha. right.

    @Liddy: That's funny cause I've never thought of my hair as luscious. Just thick. But I guess it is. It's hard to sketch luscious hair in 2-5 minutes.

  6. Haha, I didn't even notice that your cartoonself doesn't have a nose. And I just realized that your cartoonself isn't wearing a shirt!

  7. @Shannon: Yeah I pretty much didn't give myself a shirt but I kinda decided that I'm wearing a black shirt, and that its covering my hands and neck. I started making other people's upper bodies different colors since it was weird when everyone was just black lines.

  8. A face with the name!!! Yay! lol.


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