Mar 27, 2011

Friends are Expensive

Okay, so what is going on in my life? Did my taxes. Well I did 2/3, Dad did the other 1/3 because he buys Turbo Tax every year. I owe 3 cents to my town which is hilarious to me, I don't know why. I decided that I want to improve my typing and I found an awesome website that I can do it on for free. It's kind of fun which is weird but that's me. I started last Tuesday and have improved my speed from 37 to 48 wpm. PROGRESS! It would be higher if my accuracy was a little better. Hmm what else? I am so tired of wearing pants. I really want to weather to get a bit warmer so I can wear skirts again. I miss my skirts :'( That's right. Crying sad face. 

I do have some other way bigger stuff that will be going on, but it's all really up in the air so I'm not going to announce any of it till I get it a bit more ironed out. 

I hope you all enjoyed the return of my Saturday feature yesterday. I guess I only took a one week hiatus from that but it felt like forever. I guess because the week before I posted on Saturday but because I was sick I didn't illustrate it. Anyway. Looks like I'm back on track with posting regularly. I might miss a day here or there due to laziness but you all will just have to deal :P  

Okay, I think two emoticons in one post means it's time to go. I have Facebook games to attend to. If my crops don't get harvested.... pretty much won't make a difference. Speaking of Facebook, thank you to all of you who "liked" my blog's Facebook page. A whopping 5 of my real life friends have done so which means you are all better than the rest of my friends.

I also have a friend from college who wants me to visit her. Sadly I do not have and extra $600... Or $300 to get her to stop asking.

I would buy a baby Kraken.


  1. Way bigger stuff, eh? I hope it all gets ironed out soon. ♥

    Skirts make me want to die a little bit inside. Thanks for perpetuating the female stereotype. :P

  2. lol yes. HUGE. Just more decisions to make and something I'm sort of waiting on.
    As for the skirts, I have two physical features I like about myself. My hair but only when I take the time/effort to straighten it, and my legs. So yeah I like to wear skirts and laugh when I catch guys looking.

  3. What is this typing website? I would love to see how fast I can type... I have been looking for a good one for a while, but none ever work the way I want them to

  4. Hah! I'd buy a baby Kraken too!

    I use too many emoticons as well. :-S It IS a problem.

  5. @Wes: You have to register but almost every thing is free except for a couple of premium lessons.

    @C: I mean, who wouldn't?

  6. 5 of your real-life friends liked your page on Facebook? That's a TON better than my page--ONE real-life friend. Heh.


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