Mar 29, 2011

Coffee and Legos

First and foremost I have to tell you that today is an extra special exciting day because Katherina over at 100 Miles Highway (you may remember she was a guest here a couple weeks ago), is hosting ME on her blog! Go there now and see my photo tour of my trip to Japan.

Now, onto Tumblr/Twitter Tuesday!

Legos on Tumblr
Your one stop shop for all things awesome and Legos.

You may not be interested in random Starbucks news but they also tell you about any promotional events going on that you WILL NOT want to miss.


  1. I love those ice cubes!! The nerd in me loves the nerd in you. ♥ (That sounded pretty dirty. Oh well.)

  2. I second Stacey! Those ice cubes are amazing!!

  3. I know I really need to get Lego ice cube trays. I bet ebay or amazon. Need to figure out the job thing before I start spending money frivolously though.


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