Mar 31, 2011

Chuck Full O Awesome

I feel like I'm the only one still watching Chuck. Mind you, I feel like I'm the only person who ever watched it. Oh and my mom. And after I started watching it again from the beginning (sometimes there are too many hours in my work day) I wonder how everyone isn't watching it. Action, comedy, hot blonde girls, Adam Baldwin, Captain Awesome and of course the lovable, nerdy protagonist. It's like this show was created just for me. What more could you ask for? Today I bring you, some highlights from episode 1 and urge you to start watching pronto. In case you don't know, "pronto" is Italian for "you should listen to me."

Me too.
I almost wish Matt Bomer was still on Chuck instead of White Collar. Almost.



  1. Chuck is pretty much one of the best shows ever! Unfortunately when I moved I fell behind on Chuck and I missed four episodes in Hulu. :( I'm so sad!

  2. I am so downloading Chuck. Right now.

  3. Alright, Chuck and Dr. Horrible. As if I need more crap to watch. Thanks a lot, Lauren! ;)

  4. Chuck was funny but they stopped airing d show in India :(

    n i just made a button bt I cudnt find whr 2 comment on ur Freinds page :( :(

  5. @Katie: Oh no! Luckily with Chuck you don't get completely lost when you miss some episodes. But that is sad!

    @Apfel: YAY! good.

    @Stacey: lol sorry!

    @nabo: That's too bad :( You're right I didn't have comments enabled, so they are now, AND I went and got your button from your site! Welcome to my Friends page!

  6. I've never seen Chuck, but the main character kind of looks like Jim from The Office. Kind of.

  7. So I'm currently into a Veronica Mars marathon after Netflix suggested it to me, but after that I gotta check out Chuck!


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