Mar 24, 2011


This week in television... for me... Pretty Little Liars wrapped up the season and something ACTUALLY happened. To avoid a spoiler, I'll just say I am NOT going to miss him. Parks and Rec was more than awesome, it was awesome-sauce. I don't get why Bones and Seeley aren't together yet, now that what's-her-name is gone. Don't miss her either. I did like her when she was on that episode of House when she played a rape victim. Community was it's usual level of awesomeness. And that was about it for my shows. 

I also hate when snow days are ruined by murder. That's all for today, now I'm going to go figure out what's so great about mini horses.


  1. I know, I totally don't understand why Bones and Booth aren't together yet! So irritating... :(

    I've not seen Pretty Little Liars or Parks and Rec. I feel like I'm missing out...

  2. I started watching PLL liars the other night and only got 18 minutes in before I decided that I was way too tired. Now I just keep forgetting to watch it. Thanks for not spoiling it for me. :)

  3. Oh goodness. Pretty Little Liars. I remember feeling so embarrassed when I started watching that show. And even now I still feel a little embarrassed when someone catches me watching it. But it has completely hooked me even though it moves oh so very slowly. It has just enough of that creepy factor to keep me going. But do we really think HE is gone for good? I hope so. But from my limited knowledge of the books, I don't see how A could have been the one who moved him.

  4. @Melbourne: You really are :)

    @Stacey: Well hurry up and watch it!

    @Kate: You're right I kept forgetting about that so yeah probably not gone for good but we know it was him. I kinda want to read the books but feel like they're not worth it.

  5. so i read the books so i know what happens in them. are they going to follow the books or just go in a different direction?

  6. @Ebun: I feel like they would go along with the books so as to not disappoint anyone. But I have no idea.


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