Feb 24, 2011

Your Milk Comes in Bags...

In Canada, milk comes in bags. Yes. This is what I was shocked and amazed to learn when I watched 30 Rock a couple of weeks ago.
I agree Jack Donaghy.

I actually thought that this sounded so crazy that I felt that I had to look it up for verification.

My favorite part of this video is the Asian girl saying "aboot."


  1. So I didn't see that episode, and was at first all...whaaaaa? However, after watching that video I feel much more well-informed and less ignorant overall. Milk bags...who knew?

  2. 30 Rock is the greatest show in the whole world! I loved that episode! ...and I also learned a lot about Canadians.

    Whitney =)

  3. lmfao! OMG how to I get this milk in a bag? I wanna try it like really bad right now! It weirded me out at first...but as she kept talking it grew on me!

  4. When I was little milk came in bags (with jugs to put bags in) but I haven't seen that in a long time. I live in Canada NOW and I've never seen milk in a bag. Only cartons. Like regular people. I guess it depends on where you are or something.

  5. @catlady: I know she was really thorough with her explanation.

    @CKK: My favorite Canada part other than the milk bags was when the Donaghys got upset about not paying at the hospital.

    @Thundercat: I know I thought it was crazy but then I thought that Americans should make fancier pitchers and join the milk bag party.

    @VegetableAssassin: Hmm weird, the 30 Rock episode took place in Toronto... But when you did use milk bags was it better or worse than cartons?

    The only thing that bothered me was that there was no way to close the opening in the bag. I would probably tip that shit over weekly if we had milk bags.


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