Feb 2, 2011

Space Food.

Today's a quicky but a goody so really quick I'll mention some news. I have added additional pages to the blog which each feature the photos, recipes and stories I post on their respective days. You can get to them by of course clicking the links at the top of the page or the "day icon" on the days those are posted (Monday, Friday and Saturday). So that's that. Here's to day's Wild Card item: 

Freeze Dried Ice Cream!
I don't remember what made me think of this last week, but I do remember that it's awesome and I might have to get me some somehow. Thinking about this totally takes me back to days of school trips to the Liberty Science Center, and Family trips to the Franklin Institute. Yay science!
If you've never had it and have the opportunity I recommend giving it a try. It has a strange texture but its tasty and fun! Totally worth the $, it just melts in your mouth. Sorta like Dippin' Dots (holy crap you can buy them online) but dry and not cold.

Dippin' Dots
 I wasn't going to talk about Dippin' Dots when I started this post but since we're all ready talking about them...
Here's what I'm wondering... Dippin' Dots are supposed to be the Ice Cream of The Future right? so why are they less and less available 10-15 years after they became available. Also fun and tasty tho. You can get them at amusement parks like Six Flags and there are [used to be?] some stores in malls and stuff. Definitely give these a try if you haven't and you get a chance!


  1. I have a closet full of space icecream! I use to jack it from my job (Discovery Channel) tee he he!

  2. I'm not a fan of Dippin' Dots, but Astronaut Ice Cream rules! It definitely reminds me of school and Girl Scout trips to the planetarium.

  3. I love Dippin' Dots...but only if I've sold plasma or something that week. That stuff's expensive!

  4. I was thinking about Dipping Dots today after passing by a Dipping Dots stand. If it was supposed to be ice cream of the future back in the 90's, then shouldn't all ice cream be in dot form today? The future lied!

  5. notacrazycatlady: Yeah I know what you mean, even at six flags where it's sort of a vacation situation I rarely could bring myself to spend the $2.50 on the teeny cup of ice cream

    robofthesky: EXACTLY!

  6. I would marry Dippin' Dots if I could! I reallly would!


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