Feb 3, 2011

My Love/Hate of ABC Family

Turns out this topic is harder for me that I thought it would be. Maybe if I watched less shows my brain would be more focused but alas it is not. Here's the best I can do this week. Who knows maybe it will turn out better than I think.

ABC Family. It sure has some crappy shows and the two that I watch are no exceptions. The first one I started watching which, is to put it gently, dreadful: Secret Life of the American Teenager.

Easily the worst show that I watch regularly. It is about about a bunch of high school-ers, one of which (now two of which) gets pregnant, and the trials and tribulations of teen dating. It started out interesting enough and now I keep watching it just because I HAVE to know what happens. I seriously want them to make it go away so I can stop. Badly written/directed/acted/etc. it's painful to watch and it makes me roll my eyes every 5 minutes. And yes, I realize I'm not the demographic they're aiming this show at but I was in high school not so long ago and NO ONE was like these kids. I suppose they're trying to exaggerate with the characters a little but it's over done. And the parents/teachers in the show are just as bad. Sadly, for me, it is returning in march so I'm going to start mentally preparing to deal with the ridiculousness that is The Secret Life of the American Teenager. ::groan::

Much less painful to watch but with a far more ridiculous plot, Pretty Little Liars is a show I can't stop being excited for. I don't know what it is but I find every minute of it captivating and I know exactly where I'm going to be at 8pm on Monday nights.
 Don't get me wrong, there's plenty of eye rolling at this one but the ratio of pain to enjoyment is low enough that I can forgive the "what were you thinking when you wrote that line" moments. Compared
to Secret Life, the overall production quality is better in every way. Better writing, better, more believable characters, better acting. However it is annoying enough that most guys would probably hate this show. Also the main plot is getting a bit annoying but I find the sub-stories thoroughly enjoyable, aside from one character's rant about how some dude just 'doesn't understand' Justin Bieber. I guess I can't expect today's high school girls to like the same music as me just because they're probably my age in real life. So that's my guilty little pleasure, if you're looking for one of your own, I highly recommend this.

If you want real quality programming, look to the other networks. I hear that a lot of people like some show called The Office. And Conan.

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  1. Pretty Little Liars looked good but only because I've read the books. Secret Life looked like a pg13 version of seventh heaven. Seventh Heaven was the show we used to watch because it was the only show my parents would let us watch during the days we had school. And crappy tv is better than no tv. ABC Family used to have so much potential but its killing itself with too much dumb tv. It's turning into the Hallmark Channel.


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