Jan 4, 2013

Forget Regret

Pretty much a coincidence that it's the New Year, but I've decided to stop consuming caffeine for reasons that are unimportant. So that's my resolution. Also to maybe try to get more exercise as I will be needing more sugar to get me through the days. Shouldn't be all that hard but does mean switching to herbal tea so that I have something to drink throughout the day. Last I'm going to try to take Rent's advice, which is a constant struggle for me, since resolutions are supposed to be all about self improvement and stuff. Now I want to go home and watch Rent.


  1. Any excuse to use a rent song in a post is lovely!

    Good luck on your caffeine free life style :) don't know if I could do it!


  2. I haven't had caffeine in years due to my stomach not liking it and you know what you don't need it. I don't miss it at all.

    Good luck!


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