Mar 29, 2012

Taking the Bus

So my blogging is making a come back! Probably. Now that I have a 40 hr(ish)/week office job, all the sitting in front of my computer will most likely keep me blogging regularly. But then again who knows. Also I'm supposed to be busier eventually. Hopefully. So I don't really have a story for you per se, however there is this one thing that I hate about new jobby-job that I want to rant about we will talk about briefly.

Taking the Bus
I don't have a specific story that was so terrible that it bears repeating, its more of a general terribleness that you don't think about when applying for a job at the near by major university. Unless you live in a city that already requires public transportation. But anyway, this is pretty much how I feel about it: 

Yeah so that's pretty much what it's like. Not really, but that's what it feels like. So what my situation is, is that I drive to campus, and park in the "commuter" lot on the outskirts of it and naturally the building(s) I work in are not walkable (by my standards). It's not like I can wear sneakers ever day so I think it's okay if I don't want to walk 20-30 mins in my nice shoes. And when it gets cold again forget about it.

So I park in the lot, walk to the bus stop and wait. And wait. Then wait some more. And eventually a bus comes and we file on and I feel like I'm in school again. Especially since it's where I went to school so it's the same buses. Except now they have a voice that announces the stop locations. So I can definitively say that probably what I miss most about my old job was that there was one building and one parking lot and it was right outside the building. Maybe I shouldn't have complained about those times when the lot was fullish and I had to walk an extra 500ft to the door.

For now, lets just hope this doesn't happen and I will be mostly happy.

I just need to avoid the bus late at night. Silly drunk college kids. Poor Dee.

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