Feb 12, 2012

The Crafts You're About to Want

Hi everyone! Another week, another blog post. But I kept track of stuff I wanted to talk about in this post so it won't be another "so I wanted to tell you all something but I forget what it was" post. W00t.

Okay so least exciting for me since it was like 3 weeks ago now, I was able to actually get a photo/recipe accepted on foodgawker.com, which is shockingly hard to do which got me a whole bunch of hits so yay! I got zero new followers for it but maybe I'll get a few more cents from my advertising. We shall see. It's still cool either way.

So a while ago I opened an Etsy shop and didn't really use it. Mostly cause I didn't have any ideas for what to sell but also cause you have to pay for every listing whether it sells or not. I'm a fan of ebay having eliminated (some of) their listing fees. But oh well. So stop by, tell your friends, and buy all my stuff!!! I can customize almost everything in there so don't be afraid to ask if you like something but would like it better a certain way!
Yup, I went with modeling my store after my blog. I like it. If you have a shop too, add me to your circles so I can do the same!

Okay, also I tweeked my catering company because I feared that people wouldn't be able to spell "Piatto" with out seeing it first and often and word of mouth is going to be super important. Also I was thinking that they'd need to spell it to get to the web site which is sort of up and running. I also didn't want to wait to see if my other name's url became available, so go check out AvantiCatering.com! Yes it is a little sparse so far because I haven't put a TON of work into it yet.

And I was going to post the new logo (it's the same but tweeked and with the new name) but I didn't upload it yet and don't feel like it now. It's on the website.

Oh! And I remembered to post a recipe yesterday!
Swedish Meatballs
I forgot to take a glamour shot of them so that's the "done/being-served-at-my-party" shot.

One of my friends asked if I could make them for her so I did and we all loved them and so will you!

If any of you actually print my recipes, come back late tomorrow (Monday) and I will have the printable version posted.

That will about do it. Come back next week to see some of the silly stuff I bought recently but haven't gotten pictures of yet! So have a great week and here are a couple comics!

I knew it!


  1. I am impressed. You are truly a jack of all trades. Web and graphic design, crafts, and catering? I suck at anything related to all of the above.

    I checked out your sites. I dig the Mario and Link pixel images. Also, you're from State College? I didn't know you are a fellow Pennsylvanian. I'm just south of Pittsburgh!


  2. Well I guess I'm just trying to fill the time :) And yeah, originally from Jersey but I've been in PA since college.

  3. I have to say, the glass crescent moon pendants are amazing... if I had money to put into beading again, I'd be all over both of those. I love Etsy.


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