Nov 13, 2011

You Forgot to Wipe Your Feet!

Nothing interesting really happened this week. I did finally delve into the wild world of animated gifs. While working on my screen shots for tomorrow's post, some of them just had too many shots to stack in one images. So I Googled "gif maker" and voila! So you can look forward to their debut tomorrow along with some regular ones. Just a heads up, I have about a million of them.

 That brings us to this week's recipe! I actually made this a while back as a guest post and I'm pretty sure I posted about it here back then too. But I decided to post the full recipe on my blog for the heck of it and for anyone who missed it. Also there's now a "printable" version.

Artichoke Bruschetta

Now, since I don't have anything else to talk about and because it's already 20 minutes into Monday I'll just leave you now with a comic. Have a week.
Mine will probably be similar. Unless someone makes my blog into a book after I die.

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