Oct 17, 2011

Treat Yourself

Today we're gonna do some screenshots and I'm not really gonna talk about them at all. And if you want to watch any of these shows, you can look it up yourself. What do you think of that Leslie Knope?...

Yeah be prepared to see this one a lot too.
New Girl!

Parks and Recreation:
Treat yo'self.

 Psych is back!!!
It's Shawn.
That's what I asked!
The Office.

It's not broken, Kevin.
Holy sh*t Josh Groban!
Modern Family.

At least losing the beauty pageant didn't kill her sister...
Happy Endings.
Mmmmm Gilmore Girls reference...
This is how I'm answering my door from now on.

Last, since EVERYONE is talking about the Walking Dead, and even though I don't have anything from yesterday's episode...

He's like the zombie Indiana Jones.


  1. Yeah i've never seen walking dead but I feel like everyobe talks about it!

  2. You're the only one not watching it.


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