Oct 30, 2011

I Don't Want to Be a Pirate

Actually I do want to be a pirate... However....

Pretty standard week. Worked a lot, watched TV a lot, did nothing a lot... BUT I did create a Halloween version of my blog (for those of you reading in a reader, I suggest you go to the actual page to see the brilliance). Here's something to entice you:

Awesome, I know. And what do others think?

Couldn't help myself.

So anyway. In other Lauren news... I was creating a "Do All the Things" meme image and  was struggling with writing letters with a my laptop touch pad. I wondered if there's a Hyperbole and a Half font out there. Since I presumed that there isn't I wondered how fonts are actually made. Software probably right? Well I Googled the shit out of it it briefly and found a site with step by step instructions and what software to use.

I may create a Hyperbole and a Half font as well but FIRST I am making a blog you're about to read font! Yes, I'm making a font that's my "painstakingly frustrating letter writing with a mouse and or laptop touchpad" "handwriting."

I'm excited for if I'm successful because it will be way easier to put text on my pictures. I suppose I could just use an already created font, but where's the fun in that? So far I've made "a," "b," and "c." It's gonna take a while.

And if I make a Hyperbole and a Half font, be prepared for piles of Do All the Things meme images. Though I probably wouldn't post many on here. By the way, anyone who wants to start a blog you're about to read meme... I will LOVE YOU FOREVER!

Alright enough rambling, have a great week and a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!


  1. Only you, Lauren my lovely, would think to create a font for fun.

    (If I made one so I didn't have to write on photos, it would have to start out straight and gradually head down to the right, while simultaneously getting progressively messier...)

  2. I like that you're watching Garfield in your Halloween banner. ^_^
    I wish I had the skills/patience to do stuff like you do... back in middle school I was the master of pixel art, but I just can't keep up with the times.

  3. @Kirsti: Yeah I know. I'm the nerdiest awesome blogger ever.
    @Liddy: Way to notice my favorite part of the Halloween banner!


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