Oct 3, 2011

Gold Coins Are Not a Liquid

This week, I decided to resist the urge to focus on NBC shows again and go to the other networks. There are quite a few gems outside of NBC so it's only fair.

Happy Endings, ABC (Wed, 9:30)

The Lying Game, ABCFamily (Mon 8:00); I don't really recomend this one, except to people who already watch the ABC Family shows, but any Gilmore Girls reference is worth posting.

New Girl, Fox (Tue, 9:00)

Raising Hope, Fox (Tue, 9:30)

Saw it.
Saw it (Happy Endings, btw).

Family Guy, Fox (Sun, 9:30)


  1. I have a love/hate relationship with Family Guy (mostly hate), but the lottery episode got a laugh-out-loud out of me several times... especially with the Scrooge McDuck moment. Gotta love the late 80s-early 90s references.

  2. I love when you post the tv stills!

  3. I love Raising Hope so much! I didn't see the first 2 eps of the season but last night's was awesome. Maw-Maw is such a pimp.


  4. @Liddy: I feel the exact same way.
    @Ebun: Thanks! I love them too.
    @SP: Yeah she is!
    @itm: Thanks!


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