Jul 18, 2011

I Like to Twirl...

Welcome to another edition of COMMERCIAL WARS!!! That's what I'm now calling these posts. Until I forget that I called it that and call it something else next time. Now, boys, I'm going to appologize up front for the first commercial. Not only is it a tampon commercial but you probably won't get why it's funny.

U by Kotex. I wish it was like that blue liquid.

And why ARE people so concerned about wearing white in pad/tampon commercials? How much white do they really have in their wardrobe in the first place? Until a month ago, the only white clothing I had was tops. As is the case for most people.

StraightTalk. You need to watch this before I comment... Go ahead, I'll wait.....

Yeah, if an additional $35 a month will make me feel rich, I'm worse off than I thought. I just want to hit that lady in the head for her bad acting and the people in charge of the ad campaign for creating it.


  1. Okay, the tampon commercial... awesome. Reminds me of the Woomba SNL 'commercial'. Too bad though, their genius commercial won't earn them any of my money. I never use tampons any more, but sadly the life-changing thingy I own doesn't have tv ads here.

  2. Haha I remember the Woomba! It was gross.


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