Jun 27, 2011

Should I Be Worried That We're Opening In Town Where Nobody Lives?


After a bit of a hiatus, I got out to the theater and caught a couple of flicks. The first was Bridesmaids which I highly recommend to guys and girls alike. Yeah, I know, "But, Lauren, isn't it a chick flick?" My response: barely. Yeah there's some inevitable girly stuff that goes with a wedding themed movie but seriously it's like the girl version of the Hangover. Only funnier.

Then I saw: Bad Teacher. All I have to say is: don't bother. The trailer is funnier and better than the movie. Unless you're Jason Segal's biggest fan, cause he was the only thing that was funny in it but was only in about 1/2 hr of the whole movie.

That's all the movies I've seen lately but here are some awesome-looking ones COMING SOON! There are no words.

I'll probably see it just cause I like Jesse Eisenberg... And I liked Zombieland.

This is the only one in this post that's not a comedy. Looks super good.

Are there any movies anymore that Jason Bateman ISN'T in? But seriously, I'll see anything Ryan Renyolds is in.

I have to see this just because Charlie is in it. Looks kinda "eh" tho. I'm sure it will be good for some lqtms (laughing quietly to myself) tho.


  1. Bridesmaids was freaking hilarious and definitely not your standard chick flick!

    Thanks for the heads up on Bad Teacher - I do love me some Jason Segal, but now I think I can probably wait until it comes out on DVD!

    I'm mostly hanging out for Harry Potter at the moment. Although I'm going to cry for pretty much the entire thing... :S

  2. Saw Bridesmaids and really liked it. Kind of unexpected at times but really funny. The characters were hilarious!

  3. @Kirsti: Definitely wait. Maybe even until its on TV

    @Lindsay: Totally agree :)

    @Liddy: Thanks but I actually stole that from a stand-up comedian (don't remember who). His joke was that nobody really "laughs out loud" when IMing. Which is usually true. lqtm.


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