Apr 17, 2011

Movin' On

I know, I know! I'm so behind on my posts! Blaming it on my actual job taking up all my time. If you all send me a bunch of money...every month, I can quit my job and blog for you full time! No? Okay. So anyway, yeah, you are getting three posts in one day! I'll try to keep this one short. 

First off, as I mentioned last week, I am changing things around a bit. Or a lot. It's subjective. I've applied two of these changes already this past week. Tumblr/Twitter Tuesday has officially been discontinued. It was always pretty crappy and was pretty much just filler anyway. HOWEVER. I will be posting Tumblr pages that are awesome on my Facebook page for this blog, for those of you who are fans of it. Also I have MOVED Recipe Friday to Saturday AND moved it to its own blog! Crazy right? I know, not really. It's called Scrumptious Saturdays and since it's the blog you're about to read's sister blog it looks very similar on purpose. I of course kept the mixing bowl icon from Recipe Friday since it's so awesome. So if you want to get my recipes every week, go there and subscribe to it, and if you have no interest in them, don't subscribe! This week's recipe was going to be up here on Friday as usual, for the last time but I kept leaving the recipe at home so it didn't get typed up at work and then once at home I just forgot. And then I forgot again yesterday. I'll get it posted in a couple hours when I get home but it will only be on the new recipe blog. 

The other changes just involve day shuffling and I won't be making them till next week since the redesign for Scrumptious Saturdays took most of my blog time this week. All I'll say about it is that stories will be earlier in the week, either Monday or Tuesday, and everything else will also be staying.

That's all for today, have a great week!

I think this is my favorite Dilbert of ALL TIME.
Oh Farmville...



  2. Dude, I never understood how people could get so involved in Farmville. I don't GET IT.

    Hey, I wanted to let you know that I am gracefully giving you an award. A blog award. It would just make my day/night all the more better to know that you accepted it. But, no pressure, or anything...



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