Mar 20, 2011

Where Does a Platypus Learn a Word Like Hodgepodge?

Uhhhhh news.... ? I feel like yesterday I actually had something for today but then didn't jot it down and now? Gone! uhhhhhhhhhhhhh.... well, for now, contrary to Thursday's post, I'm not totally going to disappear from here. Most of my posts take a very small amount of work so you'll at least see me a few days a week. I just don't know how much illustrating I'm going to feel like doing. Hence no post yesterday. Too bad I didn't have any of those already done but I never work more than a few days ahead so there ya go. 

Okay, so after having a guest post last Photo Monday I got a couple of comments from people interested in doing the same. If you're interested just pick a photo, type up a brief (you can be as brief or long-winded as you want) description and send it to me at (at) I'm willing to post a guest photo as much as every other week. Oh and preferably something scenic. Sorry no one cares that you went with your friends to the Post Office to mail a love letter to Justin Beiber.

Oh! I remembered what I wanted to tell you all! So I know that most of you read my posts in Google reader and only stroll on over to my actual page if you have a comment so you guys don't know what you're missing!!!! Ok not really that exciting but anyway... I added a new "page" to the blog that features the pretty little buttons of people who's blogs I read. Since I currently follow everyone who follows me, that means if you're reading this, I WANT YOUR BUTTON! I mean you put in the effort to make one and then almost nothing gets done with it right? So leave me a comment that you have one and I'll get it on there. And if anyone wants to grab mine in exchange, that's cool too.

I also made a "Hodgepodge" page which is just for fun. Check it out. I believe that's all for today. Hasta la bye bye!


  1. I think I am the only person I know who goes to every blog and reads it. I never use Google Reader! I should probably make a button! Have a great weekend.

    P.S. Tomorrow is Sunday. Rebecca Black told me :P

  2. I don't think a button for a blog with 19 followers is necessary, but if I had one you could definitely have it. :)

  3. Yeah, I'm with Stacey - I don't have a button for my whopping 15 follower blog. Maybe if I get really motivated (read: bored) in the next week or so I'll make one! ;)

  4. I don't have a button either. Both of my readers know where my blog's at anyway.

  5. @Apfel: I don't know how we knew what day it was before her.

    @Stacey, Melbourne & Rob: You should all have them just for fun!


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