Mar 3, 2011

Taking a Break

Anyone who want's to re-experience yesterday's story about a boy I had a crush on in high school, NOW WITH PICTURES, it is now complete! Enjoy!

Aside from during the Super Bowl, most people hate commercials. Not me. I see them as another source of entertainment, a time out from whatever show your watching. They allow you to run to the bathroom, grab a snack, throw in a load of laundry. They let me continue to multi-task at my maximum levels. But back to them as a source of entertainment. Once in a while I stumble upon one that I thoroughly enjoy. Sometimes even so much so that I get excited when they come on. McDonald's recently put this one out advertising its Caramel Mocha beverages. I just love it. There's just something about choreographed rhythmic hand drumming that makes me smile. 

Unfortunately, these gems are a minority in the world of commercials. They are few and far between in a world of marketing morons and local advertising (those ones are the worst... except for the ones that I made). A real groaner I was unfortunate enough to see earlier this week was for Britney Spears' new perfume. So riddle me this. The line she says is "I chose my own destiny" so my brain says "I know what the name of this product is. It has to be 'Destiny' it just makes sense." But no, why would these people write a commercial that will resonate in the minds of the viewers? It's not called destiny. And now my brain hurts from watching it again.

(I'm sorry.)


  1. That Britney Spears commercial is RIDICULOUS! She says something about choosing destiny TWICE! You'd think she would have the money to pay for a good ad agency.

  2. So, how exactly does one choose something that's predestined for them??

  3. @Awkward: I KNOW!!!! p.s. I saw you following me way long ago but for some reason blogger/google didn't want to bring up the link to your blog in your profile. I finally found it to follow!

    @Stacey: Don't you know? Britney's MAGIC.

  4. Hahaha I was about to comment the same as Stacey. I mean if she chose her own destiny, shouldn't we too? Why would we choose her "radiance"?! I loveee the hand movement ad, I saw another really long video of them on facebook once and it was quite amazing!

  5. @Apfel: What's funny is that when I was looking for a video of it online I came across a number of sites with people hating on it. I even like the song even though it's about chocolate, caramel and coffee. Or maybe that's why I like it :P


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